Little brown bat

Yesterday, we had a visit from a bat. It swooped low over my head and landed on the corner of the house about 1.5 metres from where Milo and I were sitting. I called Lily and Evie over to have a look, and Matt managed to take some photos through the kitchen window.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon on a warm, muggy spring day. It hung around for 3 or 4 minutes then flew lazily onto the neighbour’s black tiled roof. It’s the first bat sighting we’ve had in Nova Scotia, although we suspect they visit our attic from time to time. I like them because they eat mosquitoes. (Anything that feasts on Nova Scotia’s copious bug population gets my vote.)

I think it was probably a little brown bat. His five toes and tail are clearly visible in the top photo. A quick online search has taught me that they have nursery colonies where the babies are born and the young cling constantly to a nipple for the first two weeks.

There is a lot of info online.

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