Welcome to our world

I should have started this 16 months ago! Since we moved into our house in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, we have really enjoyed “discovering” plants and animals and other natural stuff. But we haven’t been keeping a note of our finds, until now. We live in a 150+ year old home in the town of Mahone Bay (population 900). We have a large semi-manicured garden at the front of the house, and mixed woodland with a stream and overgrown pond in the back.

We are a family of five: husband Matt who works from an office in the back garden, eldest daughter Lily, aged 7, middle daughter Evie, aged 4, and toddler, Milo, aged 2. And I’m Kara.

We found two cool things yesterday. The first was a clump of lichen. The second a bat. The lichen turned out to be witches whiskers, or Usnea florida with a fascinating story. And that was what prompted the blog. So here we are!

Here’s a view of the front of our house at the beginning of April. Everything is pruned and ready for the warm weather!

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