It is getting buggy

I am sad to report that the mosquitoes are out. The good news is that the black flies aren’t yet, although I do realize that by writing those words I have jinxed everything and we will be eaten alive tomorrow.

More good news: we spotted a painted turtle in the pond in our back garden this week! We hoped we might, but didn’t see any last year. He seemed to be keeping a close eye on the girls as they looked for frogs. The girls and their friends caught all sorts in their nets this week including a big dragonfly nymph, a leech, and a frog. But they are mainly interested in the pond skaters for some reason. Maybe it is a fascination with the way they walk on water. Or that they are hard to catch.

Talking of bugs, we find one or two of these guys creeping about in the house every day. Usually in the bathroom so we call them water bugs, but they are actually seed bugs and feed on conifers (leptoglossus). I have no idea how they get in because they are quite big, but they seem harmless enough. Toddler Milo is pretty fascinated by them and I have to scoop them up before he gets a hold of them. They can fly but prefer to explore silently a pied in our house.


Image is creative commons licensed and taken from here.

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