There aren’t any raccoons in the UK (or in Calgary as far as I know) so I still get excited whenever I see one here, despite their reputation as pests. Last year we had to tie up our compost bin as they emptied it out all over the yard on a few occasions. They have very dextrous hands and can open anything, and can even unscrew the lid of a jar.

Anyway, today Evie came running into the kitchen saying she could see a sweet raccoon’s face in our neighbour’s garage. Matt didn’t pay much attention as she is going through a tall story phase… but it turned out to be a true story. In the corner of their garage on top of an old jam cupboard was a little, furry, raccoon. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a nest up there, but it was too high up to see.

I didn’t get a photo, but last year we had a couple of raccoons (looked like a mum and a large baby) in the garden at dusk. They scampered up the tree outside our kitchen window when we came outside to get a closer look.

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