The sun has got his hat on…

It was a lovely warm, sunny May day today. Time for the cold-blooded critters to show themselves! We found a little red back salamander under a log today. The red back is a small woodland salamander. I suspect there are many living in the boggy areas of our woods. Last summer we found a few half-eaten remains and I suspect the raccoons like them for dinner.

Late in the afternoon, I spotted a large garter snake resting on a warm rhubarb leaf that I’d thrown onto the pile of garden debris behind the wood pile. I think he’s the same snake we saw several times last year, although we might have a few in the back garden. This one has a cosy little home in the wood pile. According to Wikipedia, the garter snake is the most widely distributed reptile in North America.

And back in his house:

One thought on “The sun has got his hat on…

  1. Ah the wonder of nature! It was sunny here too but with a cool breeze. Lots of people in their gardens. I am enjoying ‘witches whiskers’. Judith.

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