Posted in September 2012

A treasure hunt for kids

I made a little treasure hunt for my children today. Thought it might spice up our next hiking trip. I added photos for little adventurers that can’t read, and saved it as a PDF. Click here to download: treasure_hunt Enjoy!

Bird behaviour

I’ve spotted a few interesting bird behaviours over the summer. Some of them I caught on camera. While waiting for Lily and Matt to finish paddling the waters of Mahone Bay in August, I watched this osprey fish for his dinner and then fly home with his catch. On one of the many hot, sunny days … Continue reading

Young Naturalists September meet

On Sunday, we joined the South Shore Young Naturalist Club for a walk through the scenic woods of Indian Commons. This week, the topic was mosses and the local expert, Anne, guided us through the moss-filled woods. We saw red-stemmed moss, bad hair day moss, broom moss, golden moss, cushion moss, a couple of different … Continue reading

Beach finds

A few of our beach finds from Sand Dollar beach here on the south shore of Nova Scotia. The sand dollars (the round whitish grey thing in the bucket) can be found resting in the sand at low tide. Sand dollars are a type of flat sea urchin. The white skeleton is all that is … Continue reading

The sad story of a spider’s nest

We have a very industrious spider living in the corner of our kitchen window. We have an excellent view of her comings and goings, with the comfort of a pane of glass between us. Every morning, we can’t help but notice what she caught in her web and how busy she has been making new … Continue reading

Pesky deer

I used to like deer. They seemed harmless enough and graceful to boot. But not any more. Now they are just a pest. They eat the plants and flowers in my garden and leave behind their pesky ticks for my children to unwittingly adopt. Infection rates of Lyme disease have sky rocketed in this part … Continue reading

Autumn 2012: dates for the record

August 31, 2012: the girls swept up a few small piles of dead leaves that had blown off the green ash tree. First day of fall 2012?  August 30 & 31: the first ticks of the fall season (yuck!). Found two teeny tiny black deer ticks on Evie. About the size of a pin prick. … Continue reading