The sad story of a spider’s nest

We have a very industrious spider living in the corner of our kitchen window. We have an excellent view of her comings and goings, with the comfort of a pane of glass between us. Every morning, we can’t help but notice what she caught in her web and how busy she has been making new egg sacs.

Egg sacs showing one set of dead spiderlings

Unfortunately, for reasons we do not understand, three of the egg sacs have hatched baby spiders that crawl a little way but then die. All of the spiderlings die. At more or less the same time. We can’t fathom it out. She tends to them regularly, doing something with her mouth and often rests with her feet touching one of the pouches. Sadly, it’s all been in vain so far.

Any ideas what is going on here? We feel very sorry for this busy spider mum.

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