Bird behaviour

I’ve spotted a few interesting bird behaviours over the summer. Some of them I caught on camera. While waiting for Lily and Matt to finish paddling the waters of Mahone Bay in August, I watched this osprey fish for his dinner and then fly home with his catch.

On one of the many hot, sunny days of this summer a mourning dove spread its wings on the roof of our shed. We’ve seen a blue jay do the same thing in pretty much the same spot. Presumably they are drying themselves after a bath? The dove spent more than 5 minutes in this position — I began to think he had a damaged wing, but then he flew off.

We don’t see woodpeckers on the feeder very often — maybe once every couple of months at most. But they do like the maples around the feeder, so this Downy woodpecker must have decided to try some seeds for dinner for a change. This photo was taken in April, before the leaves were out.

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