Posted in April 2013

The frogs are out!

In 2011 and 2012 the peepers started peeping on April 12. This year, the 12th was met with silence. Not surprising given the long, cold, snowy winter we’ve had. I’ll listen for peepers again tonight. Temperatures today are over 20° with high humidity and plenty of warm sunshine. The peepers must surely be crawling out of … Continue reading

A seal in the spring sunshine

I was making lunch on April 17 when I got a call from our bookkeeper who lives right on the ocean in Mahone Bay. She first asked if I had any kids at home with me (yup, always) and then said there was a seal on the little beach by her house. So I covered … Continue reading

Beautiful ice!

This winter was a long one. Lots of snow and plenty of cold weather — but it made for some cool ice formations. Here are some of the more interesting things we’ve found. The triangular ice “cones” grew overnight in the water of the birdbath. They appeared within a week or so of each other … Continue reading