Posted in May 2013

Elvers at the beach

On Sunday afternoon, we went to our local beach (Westhaver) to mess around with a water course. It’s what we like to do in our spare time. Actually, it’s what Matt and Lily like to do — we only have two beach shovels. They dam up a little stream (which flows from a nearby lake … Continue reading

Slugs and bugs and hummingbirds

We had a wet May this year and I’ve seen more slugs in the garden this month than in the last 2 years combined. Other bugs haven’t been too bad… yet. The first kamikaze June bug hit the windows on May 23 this year after a particularly mild evening. But they haven’t made a concerted … Continue reading

The rhubarb explosion

I love the fact that rhubarb grows so fast and I love the fact that it is the first plant to really flourish in the garden. Spring is quite definitely not here until the freaky, red, bulbous rhubarb tips are poking out of the ground.  This year, I decided to photograph the rapid rise of … Continue reading