Slugs and bugs and hummingbirds

We had a wet May this year and I’ve seen more slugs in the garden this month than in the last 2 years combined. Other bugs haven’t been too bad… yet. The first kamikaze June bug hit the windows on May 23 this year after a particularly mild evening. But they haven’t made a concerted effort to hatch out yet.

Matt spotted the first hummingbird on May 23. It was first thing in the morning on a drizzly day and it was feeding on the hanging basket outside the back door. It is hard to get a good look at them because they move so fast. We get mostly the Ruby-throated hummingbird here — the smallest species of hummingbird. They overwinter in Central America so the little tykes have flown a long way to feast on Nova Scotia’s flowers.

Another first of the year — Evie found a salamander nest under a stone by the kitchen window on May 24. I just saw one small adult, but she says she saw several much smaller baby salamanders when she first lifted the stone up. Hoping to see some more of the larger spotted ones this year.

I’ll post a separate entry on the elvets we found at Westhaver Beach on May 26. It’s all happening this week!

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