Posted in August 2013

A second brood of robins

I admit to being a little surprised when we noticed that Mrs Robin was back on her nest in mid-August incubating a second brood. I thought we had made her life miserable — we were always startling her off the nest, interrupting feeding time, making plenty of screamy kid noises, etc — but I guess … Continue reading

Where’s the woodchuck?

We had friends staying for a few weeks in August. One day, we were talking in the kitchen when Jacki noticed something brown and furry in the field beyond our garden. We watched it walk towards us, munching on grass occasionally, scuttle under our hammock, then wander down the garden into a rose bush. At … Continue reading

Snakes in the grass

At the end of July, we started to get daily (sometimes hourly) snake sightings reported by the littlest member of our household. This year, we have two snakes living under the hedge and in the foundation stones of the house by our back door (last year we spotted one in the boulders by the stream … Continue reading