Snakes in the grass

At the end of July, we started to get daily (sometimes hourly) snake sightings reported by the littlest member of our household. This year, we have two snakes living under the hedge and in the foundation stones of the house by our back door (last year we spotted one in the boulders by the stream and one in the wood pile). They are slightly different colours, but by a process of elimination I think they are both Maritime garter snakes. And they seem to be best friends…


They don’t really look like the garter snake photos I found online, but they are definitely not any of the other four species of snake found commonly in Nova Scotia. The other species are much more distinctive — my mission this summer is to find a Northern ringneck and a Northern redbelly. Apparently, Tancook Island has its own species of ringneck so I will be keeping my eyes peeled when we head there.

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