Mama robin laid her first egg in the new nest yesterday – April 25 – and probably laid another one today. One every morning until there are four eggs – that is the usual pattern according to Google.

Update: Just got a great shot inside the nest!


It is a glorious spring day, so the kids were out catching salamanders and playing with the guinea pigs. Mrs Robin is pretty relaxed but she didn’t enjoy the umbrella the kids opened to shield the guinea pigs from the sun rays. And when she started tweeting noisily from the neighbour’s garage roof I said it was time to clear the deck so she could get back to her incubation tasks. She came right back and is putting up with me sitting on the porch while I type this.

Evie’s teacher, Mrs Mitchell, has procured 56 duck eggs for the class to take care off. They take turns turning them in the incubator in their classroom for the 26-28 days they take to incubate. There must be a duck nest near our pond – there are sometimes 20 ducks on there at a time – but we haven’t found one yet. That’s my goal for the day – I am going to hunt for a nest. Just to have a peek inside.

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