Posted in May 2014

A second nest site

Evie made an exciting discovery today – we have a second robin’s nest in the back yard! This one is perched on top of the wood pile approximately 25 metres from the other one. I have a hunch that the new nest has been made by one of last year’s babies – for three reasons. … Continue reading

Spring finds and photos

Here is a mash up of a few photos from Instagram and other places that I’ve taken in the last couple of weeks. The captions tell the story.  

A beaver chewed my stick

A few weeks ago we braved Westhaver beach just a few minutes southeast of town to stretch our winter-weary legs. We always hang out at the little outflow stream that connects a little lake with the ocean and we always find something interesting there. This time it was a stick covered in teeth marks. There … Continue reading

Magical pine tree

This is my favourite tree in our back woods – I think it is dead, and it is definitely hollow, but I love the colour of the red trunk and the amazing shape. I think it’s an Eastern White pine, which the Iroquois First Nation called “the tree of peace.”

Rainy May Day

It’s a cold and wet May 1st today. The leaves still aren’t out on the trees and the magnolia hasn’t blossomed yet. We are all waiting patiently for the burst of green. I took another photo inside the robin’s nest on Tuesday (day 5) to check how many chicks we were going to have. (Apologies … Continue reading