A beaver chewed my stick


The little stream at Westhaver beach

A few weeks ago we braved Westhaver beach just a few minutes southeast of town to stretch our winter-weary legs. We always hang out at the little outflow stream that connects a little lake with the ocean and we always find something interesting there. This time it was a stick covered in teeth marks.

There is a beaver lodge at the edge of the lake close to where the stream exits the lake. The beavers had clearly chewed all the bark off the stick and it had become dislodged from the lodge or discarded by the beaver. (The lodge is out of shot in amongst the reeds in the photo below.)

The lake behind Westhaver Beach

The lake behind Westhaver Beach

We’ve only seen these beavers once. They are not as friendly and prolific as the Calgary beavers we would see every day along the Bow river in the middle of the city. But we know the shy Nova Scotian beavers are there, and now we evidence to prove it!

Here are some close-ups of the stick in question:


All the bark has been scraped off


Close up of the teeth marks


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