Rainy May Day

It’s a cold and wet May 1st today. The leaves still aren’t out on the trees and the magnolia hasn’t blossomed yet. We are all waiting patiently for the burst of green.

I took another photo inside the robin’s nest on Tuesday (day 5) to check how many chicks we were going to have. (Apologies for the lack of focus — I was standing on the top step of the stepladder with the camera raised above my head.) There are three — the same as last year.  The robin is back on her nest full-time now that the weather is cooler (it got down below freezing on Tuesday night). I do wonder what she thinks about all day just sitting there.

The second photo shows the construction of the nest a little better and its precarious position on the ledge. The robin has a slightly hard time squeezing her tail feathers in and sometimes has to raise them almost vertically to fit them up against the boards, depending on which way she is facing.


Three eggs again – our robin is consistent


Made of mud and dried grasses

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