January 2015 — we got our skates on

Life got busy in the summer (5 weeks in England and France will do that) followed by back-to-school craziness in the fall, and I have completely neglected this blog. We also haven’t found anything too awesome lately to prompt a post. We have been staying out of the woods on account of the ticks. So many locals have contracted Lyme Disease that we no longer feel comfortable romping around in the pine needles or picnicing in the long grass. Such a shame. (I dream of roving flocks of Guinea fowl, owned by the town and farmed out in rotation to chow down on ticks in the back yards of Mahone Bay.)

We had a very mild December. It was +17 on Christmas Day — and disappointingly rainy. We didn’t leave the house on the 25th, but made it to Hirtles Beach on Boxing Day. At least one warm weather record was broken over the holiday season. We haven’t had any snow to speak of until today — January 13. But it has been cold for a few weeks, so we’ve been skating on the pond in Mahone Bay and enjoying the peace and quiet pond skating affords.

Evie and Lily have figure skates, while Milo is in a new pair of hockey skates. He thinks he is exceptionally fast and pretty awesome, but the truth is he falls over A LOT. No one has the heart to contradict his boasts though. Matt is improving every time, too, while I hang out on the sidelines — skateless — or, preferably, relax at home with a cup of tea and a book.

The Kelly Kettle was a Christmas gift to ourselves.



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