Trail Cam, October-November 2016

My mum and dad visited for Thanksgiving in October (spent as always at Milford House). While they were here, Dad bought us a trail cam and he installed in out in the woods behind the house with the help of Milo. Since then, I’ve moved it several times.

We’ve caught lots of deer, raccoons, domestic cats and kids as suspected, but we also got a great shot of a fox within the first 2 weeks which was exciting! I relocated the camera in an attempt to get a shot of his face, but no luck. The trail cam is currently positioned by the pond which is a popular spot with the raccoon.

On my wish list are woodchuck and porcupine, but no one I’ve spoken to has seen a porcupine in the woods near here so I’m not holding my breath. I’m also looking forward to seeing some baby animals in the spring.

These photos are all from the trail cam (in various locations in the woods just behind the house) from a 4-week period from mid-October to mid-November 2016:

The photo of the hole in the tree is a trick shot. I trained the camera on this spot for a few days but got nothing! I was so sure it would be a hive of activity come nightfall — neighbour Mary Anne has seen a raccoon in there before. Maybe he/she has another exit somewhere. A mystery!


3 thoughts on “Trail Cam, October-November 2016

  1. Brilliant! I love the images, just great shots of all the animals and kids too. I wonder what else will show up. I will wait with you to find out!

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