April 12, 2017, first peepers

The first peepers in our woods this year were heard April 12. We started listening for the nighttime peeps of these tiny frogs from the 8th. As usual, there were reports of peeping a day or so before along the Fauxburg Road at the edge of Mahone Bay where there’s a bigger wetland area. A sure sign of spring.

Here’s a summary of the first peeps from the pond in our woods:

2011 – April 12

2012 – April 12

2013 – April 20

2014 – April 15

2015 – May 2 (year of the massive snowfall)

2016 – April 9

2017 – April 12

The rhubarb is poking through, the chives are up, and the daffodils are in bud. Crocuses have been out all week. We had our first beach afternoon on my birthday April 11 when the temperatures climbed to around 18 degrees. Nothing special to report from Bachman’s Beach.

The ticks are out with a vengeance this year! Erin reported 20 on her dog Sophie this week and Shannon found one crawling on her yesterday. I bought a new product called Atlantick made with sea water and rose geranium. Fingers crossed it keeps the suckers off us this year.


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