Noisy raccoons

Every night it seems I capture the nocturnal wanderings of our locals raccoons on the trail cam. So I know they are out there somewhere, sleeping, as we walk through the woods to school and back. But we don’t see them very often during the day.

Today, Lily spotted a large one walking up the driveway around 9pm. It was still light so we followed it into the back garden, over some logs, and down into the stream. It waddled slowly down the stream and then into the woods.

He looked a lot like this (but I didn’t get a photo):

IMG_4055About an hour later, I heard a lot of noise in the front garden and recorded some of the tail end of it. Two raccoons fighting I think — we hear them fairly often making noises of one sort or another. Here’s the audio file (turn the sound up):

And here’s a map of the world distribution of raccoons by Stowe Boyd. The blue shows where they’ve been introduced (which seems like an odd thing to do):


Hopefully, the trail cam caught some photos of our daytime strolling raccoon today. It would be nice to see him in full colour for a change (here’s a link to the trail cam post from last fall).

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