Baby raccoons (x3)

These two sweet and very small baby raccoons were huddled up against the school wall last week. It was the Thursday before the end of school (June 28) so no students were present. The mother raccoon had left the babies all day — Milo and Charlie spotted them earlier in the day — we had a meeting at school at 3:30pm and they were still there. We left them alone once we’d taken a few photos. We had torrential rain that night but we haven’t seen them since so I’m presuming they were collected later in the day and taken back to the nest by their mum.


Update July 4: A few days later on July 3 we had a visitor in the back garden at home. This little raccoon was even younger and was by himself, making a lot of chirping noises. We watched him make his way down to the stream. He climbed into the water and walked up-river towards where we think his mum has a nest in the woods.


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