Hot and sticky summer


July and August 2018 have been the hottest and most humid months ever experienced in Nova Scotia. The temperatures have remained in the high 20s/low 30s since the beginning of July but the killer has been the humidity. The humidex values have been high 30s and low 40s *every single day* for 6 weeks now. Urghhhhh. The humidity is oppressive, and when the air is so thick and still it is hard to do anything outside. Or sleep at night. We have one fan in the house and no air conditioning. It’s been tough.

These heat warnings from Environment Canada are new. Check out this news story from a month ago — there’s been no change since, in fact it’s been getting warmer. And this crazy tale of mulch spontaneously catching fire in the heat.

There’s no end in sight. The only cure is a trip to the beach (where it’s cooler and breezier) and an extended dip in the ocean. Bliss until we get into the car for the drive home. Maybe I should have paid to fix the air condioning unit in the car last summer after all…




3 thoughts on “Hot and sticky summer

  1. I think our Humidex is c.40 during middle of day ie with 30+ C temp

    Where do you get your RH measurements?

    We take Lottie to a lavoir and/or river every afternoon. She has such a thick undercoat – more adapted to a Canadian winter.

    Heidi arrived safely and slept soundly last night after G&T at the potager.

    Eve and I then enjoyed an hour looking at Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with the longue vue. Quite exciting to see all three in a line although ‘the viewing’ was not as good as last night.

    Early morning and late evening – best times of the day,

    Dad xx

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