Winter 2018/19

We spent August to early December travelling in the Yukon and Europe and arrived home to very cold temperatures in December — unseasonably cold temperatures and it took us a few weeks to get used to it. It set the tone for the whole winter — cold and icy and not much snow. We had two perfect fluffy white winter days and that was it. We snowshoed three times and Matt skied once on the trails but that was all within a one week period. Any “snow” days off school were due to freezing rain. And we had a fair bit of that.

The upside is that it has been a great year for skating. Evie and Milo cleared off the little pond in the back yard and skated there for the first time ever. And on Clearland Lake. Those two can strap on their own skates now (joy!) and have perfected their turns. There’s always an upside.

March break was mostly rainy. We’ve had a lot more rain than usual in February and March (it’s now March 23). The daffodils shoots are up at the front of the house and the landscape gardeners are emailing to ask about spring clean up. We’ve turned a corner and I’m looking forward to the peepers…

[Photos : The photos on the beach were taken on Milo’s 9th birthday and the rest in early March when we got our little glimpse of what a perfect winter looks like.]

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