A soggy spring

It was a cold, wet spring on the whole (and an especially wet May) and everything was a week or two late as a result. April 21, 2019, saw the first few pink blooms open on the magnolia, the first lilac buds and the rhubarb shoots just poking through.

May 8 we spotted our first hummingbird on the hanging baskets. I haven’t seen many this year though — they probably turned around and flew south again at the sight of all the rain. This Swallowtail was sunning itself on June 12.


May 25 was the date of the first black fly bites.

By May 31 we still had not reached temperatures of 20 degrees. And only a day or two in June managed temps that high (while in Europe they endured a record-breaking heatwave at the end of June.)

June 8 Evie spotted a baby snapping turtle on the trail behind the Mahone Bay Centre on our first warm, sunny day. She moved it off the trail into the woods next to a puddle.

June 9 saw the first June bugs hit the window, much later than usual.

Evie and Milo came home from a walk with this sick and injured baby bird. A finch I think. They gave it water and seeds but it wasn’t interested, and hopped off into the forest at the first opportunity.

My parents arrived June 27 and it rained for the first week of their visit. We are still waiting for summer to arrive…


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