Summer Highlights 2020

With COVID restricting travel throughout most of 2020, we stayed within Nova Scotia for our summer hols. We explored Wentzell Woods almost daily in May and June as lock-down continued. At the end of June we booked a weekend in North Cabin at Milford House (made friends with a flying squirrel who was sharing Lily’s bedroom) and found all the species of frog and toad that live in Nova Scotia. As well as bunches of Lady Slipper orchids in the dappled woods around the cabin. We also found new places to hike, including Polly’s Cove where the barrens were covered in hundreds of pitcher plants in flower (July 1).

It was a hot and humid summer with record breaking temperatures in June — the high of 33° C in Kejimkujik National Park was the highest on record in June for almost 20 years. And we regularly had humidex values above 40°. We went to Brier Island to go whale watching in July (when the gulls were nesting and the fog cooled us down) and Liscomb Lodge and Cape Breton in August.

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