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Robin raises a second brood

We came home from a two-week trip to the southwestern USA on July 16 to find mama robin back on her nest incubating a second batch of eggs. Three eggs this time: Two had hatched by July 20 and we haven’t spotted a third baby. Possibly it never hatched: We spotted this huge moth on … Continue reading

June round-up

A few highlights from the month. First, some dates: June 12 – the first chick hatched June 13 – first firefly of the year spotted in the yard around 9:45pm. June 16 – found a little sparrow nest in the clematis June 21 – Milo spotted a snapping turtle on the rocks behind a local … Continue reading

The robin is back!

After two years without a nest in the corner of the eaves, I am really happy to report that we now have a nesting robin again! Although we nearly didn’t… This robin (I like to think she might be one of the babies from this post from 2014 or even this one) had a rocky … Continue reading

Red cardinal nest

I was trying to clear a log out of the stream and spotted a nest in the rhododendron bush. I’ve been hoping to find a cardinal nest because a pair have been hanging around the back garden for a few weeks now (the male is bright red and the female is more muted but has … Continue reading

First cardinal song of 2017

On February 16, I heard my first cardinal song of the year! And Lily saw a red flash as a male bird flew past her. Mary Ann heard the cardinals a couple of days later. The kids have only had 4.5 hours of school in the last 2 weeks – several snow days, a strike … Continue reading

June bugs & Hummingbirds

May 24, 2016 and the June bugs are out! After a wet few days they have hatched and begun their attack on our windows. At least one of them has anyway. There was not what you would call a barrage tonight, just some ding ding dings. Also today I spotted my first hummingbird of the … Continue reading

Spring roundup 2016

  (The shelter-making was April 8 and the snow April 9!) Friday 29 April – I was in Moncton with the girls and Matt and Milo were biking on the trail to Lunenburg when they found a garter snake, around a metre long. Milo reached out and touched its body and in slow motion it … Continue reading

The average winter of 2015/16

We’ve had a fairly average winter this year. There was no snow at Christmas (first snow fell December 27) so it was restricted to January and February and just enough to make snow sports fun for a while — but not so much that it made life difficult. Win/win. I bought snow shoes this year … Continue reading

May Day — slow progress

I felt like an update was needed on the slow progress of spring this year. It is May 1st today and Milo and I took a walk through the woods all the way to school — the first such trip this year. (The girls will walk through the woods to school on Monday for the … Continue reading

Ice dams and snow banks

What a winter! According to our neighbour Rod who has spent the last two days clearing ice off our roof, 1962 was the last time Mahone Bayers were up on roofs shovelling snow. This has been the biggest snow year in more than 50 years! The snow started January 13 and has fallen on and … Continue reading