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A second nest site

Evie made an exciting discovery today – we have a second robin’s nest in the back yard! This one is perched on top of the wood pile approximately 25 metres from the other one. I have a hunch that the new nest has been made by one of last year’s babies – for three reasons. … Continue reading

Spring finds and photos

Here is a mash up of a few photos from Instagram and other places that I’ve taken in the last couple of weeks. The captions tell the story.  

Rainy May Day

It’s a cold and wet May 1st today. The leaves still aren’t out on the trees and the magnolia hasn’t blossomed yet. We are all waiting patiently for the burst of green. I took another photo inside the robin’s nest on Tuesday (day 5) to check how many chicks we were going to have. (Apologies … Continue reading


Mama robin laid her first egg in the new nest yesterday – April 25 – and probably laid another one today. One every morning until there are four eggs – that is the usual pattern according to Google. Update: Just got a great shot inside the nest! It is a glorious spring day, so the … Continue reading

A new nest for 2014

I was spot on… The peepers started their happy peeping chirps in our pond last night. April 15. Matt woke the kids up to listen to them after dark. And, BIG news, our mama robin is back and she is feeling broody! It was a wet, rainy day today and by 9 am the nest … Continue reading

It’s February and the robins are back

Herds of robins arrived back in the garden at the beginning of February this year. It might have felt like an early sign of spring if it didn’t coincide with yet another snowfall. We have had more or less permanent, thick snow cover since Christmas. Very different from the last three years. I’m not complaining … Continue reading

Eagle Watch 2014

Every year in February, an  event called Eagle Watch takes place over two weekends in the northeast Annapolis Valley near Canning. This is farming country — mixed arable, market gardens, orchards and, it turns out, poultry farms. It’s also home to one of Nova Scotia’s largest overwintering populations of bald eagles — there were over … Continue reading

A second brood of robins

I admit to being a little surprised when we noticed that Mrs Robin was back on her nest in mid-August incubating a second brood. I thought we had made her life miserable — we were always startling her off the nest, interrupting feeding time, making plenty of screamy kid noises, etc — but I guess … Continue reading

American robin on mat leave

This month, we watched an American robin build a mud and grass nest, incubate her eggs, feed her young, then leave them to get on with the rest of their lives. The whole maternity leave took a remarkably short time. We watched her build her nest on a soaking wet day — May 31 — … Continue reading