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Slugs and bugs and hummingbirds

We had a wet May this year and I’ve seen more slugs in the garden this month than in the last 2 years combined. Other bugs haven’t been too bad… yet. The first kamikaze June bug hit the windows on May 23 this year after a particularly mild evening. But they haven’t made a concerted … Continue reading

Bird behaviour

I’ve spotted a few interesting bird behaviours over the summer. Some of them I caught on camera.¬†While waiting for Lily and Matt to finish paddling the waters of Mahone Bay in August, I watched this osprey fish for his dinner and then fly home with his catch. On one of the many hot, sunny days … Continue reading

Colourful birds

We’ve had lots of visits from American goldfinches (male and female) in the last few days. And today we listened for a long time to the distinctive song of a northern cardinal. He sang to every corner of the compass… moving his head and then his body as he did a 360. Here he is … Continue reading