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April 12, 2017, first peepers

The first peepers in our woods this year were heard April 12. We started listening for the nighttime peeps of these tiny frogs from the 8th. As usual, there were reports of peeping a day or so before along the Fauxburg Road at the edge of Mahone Bay where there’s a bigger wetland area. A … Continue reading

April 2015 – No spring peepers yet

April 15 today. A sunny 17 degrees! Our first short-sleeves day of the year (the kids have been out in short sleeves but it doesn’t count until the adults are comfortable in short sleeves!). The birds were singing like crazy this morning — especially the cardinals. But not everything is singing yet. The spring peepers … Continue reading

A new nest for 2014

I was spot on… The peepers started their happy peeping chirps in our pond last night. April 15. Matt woke the kids up to listen to them after dark. And, BIG news, our mama robin is back and she is feeling broody! It was a wet, rainy day today and by 9 am the nest … Continue reading

The rhubarb explosion

I love the fact that rhubarb grows so fast and I love the fact that it is the first plant to really flourish in the garden. Spring is quite definitely not here until the freaky, red, bulbous rhubarb tips are poking out of the ground.  This year, I decided to photograph the rapid rise of … Continue reading

Autumn 2012: dates for the record

August 31, 2012: the girls swept up a few small piles of dead leaves that had blown off the green ash tree. First day of fall 2012?  August 30 & 31: the first ticks of the fall season (yuck!). Found two teeny tiny black deer ticks on Evie. About the size of a pin prick. … Continue reading

Owl pellet

From fairy puke to owl vomit in a 24-hour period… Lily and her friends found an owl pellet in the woods by the swing today. It was big — about 15 cm — so I’m guessing it’s from an owl, although we haven’t heard or seen any. We found a similar pellet in the woods … Continue reading