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Ticks and fireflies and rabbits

Re-reading the last few posts from May took me back to the dark times of our long winter. Since then, the garden has burst into life and it soon caught up with the usual schedule of blooming.  It’s the end of July now and we’ve been having a glorious hot sunny summer. The best of … Continue reading

May Day — slow progress

I felt like an update was needed on the slow progress of spring this year. It is May 1st today and Milo and I took a walk through the woods all the way to school — the first such trip this year. (The girls will walk through the woods to school on Monday for the … Continue reading

Red fox spotted!

We saw a red fox this morning. Our first sighting of a fox in the wild in Canada! Apparently they are widespread, and while I have seen a good number of coyotes, I’ve never spotted a fox. According to this Nova Scotia government website, foxes are the most widely distributed carnivores on earth. Now I feel embarrassed … Continue reading