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Summer loving

This year, 2018, will go down in Hall family history as the summer of broody robins. Back-to-back-to-back-to-back broods. It’s July 1 and we are on the third round of egg-laying already! Another short 5-day break between broods, and we are on batch #3 of the summer. We couldn’t believe it when we saw the new … Continue reading

Eggs of common Nova Scotia birds

The top three birds found in Nova Scotia are red-winged blackbirds, American robins and European starlings. I was curious what the nests and eggs looked like of these and other common garden birds, so I collected some images. Blue is a common theme: check out all these shades of blue! And speckles. But my favourites … Continue reading

Back-to-back robin broods!

The American robins have returned to their favourite nest just outside our back door. Although everything I’ve read says that robins build a new nest for every new brood, this is not the case at Casa Hall. They come back time and again to the same nest, and don’t appear to make any upgrades or … Continue reading

Rainy May Day

It’s a cold and wet May 1st today. The leaves still aren’t out on the trees and the magnolia hasn’t blossomed yet. We are all waiting patiently for the burst of green. I took another photo inside the robin’s nest on Tuesday (day 5) to check how many chicks we were going to have. (Apologies … Continue reading


Mama robin laid her first egg in the new nest yesterday – April 25 – and probably laid another one today. One every morning until there are four eggs – that is the usual pattern according to Google. Update: Just got a great shot inside the nest! It is a glorious spring day, so the … Continue reading