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Robin raises a second brood

We came home from a two-week trip to the southwestern USA on July 16 to find mama robin back on her nest incubating a second batch of eggs. Three eggs this time: Two had hatched by July 20 and we haven’t spotted a third baby. Possibly it never hatched: We spotted this huge moth on … Continue reading

Spanworm moth

The June bugs have hatched and the moths can’t be far behind. I spotted this one on the steep hill in the woods behind the house yesterday. I think he was drying his wings in the warmth of the afternoon. It’s not a very pretty name. But he’s a handsome moth with a little smiley … Continue reading

January 2017

Winter has been way too greenish brownish so far. January was more or less snow free which felt weird and wrong — we had a fairly big dump at the beginning of the month (Jan 8/9, see the photos above) and then nothing. Just mild drizzly weather for weeks. The photo of the flock of … Continue reading

A French hummingbird moth

This is not a creature found in Mahone Bay, but we got some great photos so I’m going to post about it anyway! We spent 5 weeks in June/July in Europe, and while in the Deux-Sevres region of France where my mum and dad live, we enjoyed the daily company of several hummingbird moths. The … Continue reading