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Trail Cam, October-November 2016

My mum and dad visited for Thanksgiving in October (spent as always at Milford House). While they were here, Dad bought us a trail cam and he installed in out in the woods behind the house with the help of Milo. Since then, I’ve moved it several times. We’ve caught lots of deer, raccoons, domestic cats and … Continue reading

2016 — driest summer on record

Summer 2016 smashed all the written records in Nova Scotia according to the media. Not only was it the driest on record, it was also one of the warmest. “From June 1 until Sept. 18, the region received only 90 millimetres of rain, far less than the normal 315 mm… Other dry periods don’t even come … Continue reading

The frogs are out!

In 2011 and 2012 the peepers started peeping on April 12. This year, the 12th was met with silence. Not surprising given the long, cold, snowy winter we’ve had. I’ll listen for peepers again tonight. Temperatures today are over 20° with high humidity and plenty of warm sunshine. The peepers must surely be crawling out of … Continue reading