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Baby raccoons (x3)

These two sweet and very small baby raccoons were huddled up against the school wall last week. It was the Thursday before the end of school (June 28) so no students were present. The mother raccoon had left the babies all day — Milo and Charlie spotted them earlier in the day — we had … Continue reading

Noisy raccoons

Every night it seems I capture the nocturnal wanderings of our locals raccoons on the trail cam. So I know they are out there somewhere, sleeping, as we walk through the woods to school and back. But we don’t see them very often during the day. Today, Lily spotted a large one walking up the … Continue reading

Trail Cam, October-November 2016

My mum and dad visited for Thanksgiving in October (spent as¬†always at Milford House). While they were here, Dad bought us a trail cam and he¬†installed in out in the woods behind the house with the help of Milo. Since then, I’ve moved it several times. We’ve caught lots of deer, raccoons, domestic cats and … Continue reading