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Winter 2018/19

We spent August to early December travelling in the Yukon and Europe and arrived home to very cold temperatures in December — unseasonably cold temperatures and it took us a few weeks to get used to it. It set the tone for the whole winter — cold and icy and not much snow. We had … Continue reading

Winter 2017/2018

We’ve had a super weird winter this year. We’ve weathered several storms bad enough to lose power. We were in the dark for 5 or 6 hours on Christmas Day evening but can’t argue with the timing — the power went out just as we lit the Christmas pudding at the end of dinner. But … Continue reading

January 2017

Winter has been way too greenish brownish so far. January was more or less snow free which felt weird and wrong — we had a fairly big dump at the beginning of the month (Jan 8/9, see the photos above) and then nothing. Just mild drizzly weather for weeks. The photo of the flock of … Continue reading

First snow of winter 2016

The first snow seemed to arrive early this year. We found a little at Ross Farm in mid-November and then enough fell in Mahone Bay on November 27 to make some straggly snowmen. (Exactly one month before the first snowfall of 2015.) The first real snowstorm blew in on Monday December 12. Surprisingly school wasn’t … Continue reading

The average winter of 2015/16

We’ve had a fairly average winter this year. There was no snow at Christmas (first snow fell December 27) so it was restricted to January and February and just enough to make snow sports fun for a while — but not so much that it made life difficult. Win/win. I bought snow shoes this year … Continue reading

Ice dams and snow banks

What a winter! According to our neighbour Rod who has spent the last two days clearing ice off our roof, 1962 was the last time Mahone Bayers were up on roofs shovelling snow. This has been the biggest snow year in more than 50 years! The snow started January 13 and has fallen on and … Continue reading

January 2015 — we got our skates on

Life got busy in the summer (5 weeks in England and France will do that) followed by back-to-school craziness in the fall, and I have completely neglected this blog. We also haven’t found anything too awesome lately to prompt a post. We have been staying out of the woods on account of the ticks. So many … Continue reading

It’s February and the robins are back

Herds of robins arrived back in the garden at the beginning of February this year. It might have felt like an early sign of spring if it didn’t coincide with yet another snowfall. We have had more or less permanent, thick snow cover since Christmas. Very different from the last three years. I’m not complaining … Continue reading

Eagle Watch 2014

Every year in February, an  event called Eagle Watch takes place over two weekends in the northeast Annapolis Valley near Canning. This is farming country — mixed arable, market gardens, orchards and, it turns out, poultry farms. It’s also home to one of Nova Scotia’s largest overwintering populations of bald eagles — there were over … Continue reading

Beautiful ice!

This winter was a long one. Lots of snow and plenty of cold weather — but it made for some cool ice formations. Here are some of the more interesting things we’ve found. The triangular ice “cones” grew overnight in the water of the birdbath. They appeared within a week or so of each other … Continue reading