Owl pellet

From fairy puke to owl vomit in a 24-hour period… Lily and her friends found an owl pellet in the woods by the swing today. It was big — about 15 cm — so I’m guessing it’s from an owl, although we haven’t heard or seen any. We found a similar pellet in the woods by the school a couple of weeks ago so they knew exactly what it was.

Owls, raptors and even songbirds regurgitate the undigestible remains of their victims in the form of grey or brown clumps of fur, feathers, teeth and bones. I didn’t look inside this one because Shauna wanted to take it home with her, but there were several little bones sticking out of the grey fur and a sharp tooth. The other pellet we found had a complete, tiny rodent skull inside and a lot of little leg bones.

A close up showing the sharp little tooth poking out:

I need to keep an eye and an ear out for the owner. Are there owls that don’t hoot? If this is from an owl, he’s a very quiet one.

2 thoughts on “Owl pellet

  1. Wow! Some owl pellet; there are always a few on the Grange floor when we arrive here but they measure c.5cm and are almost certainly from Barn Owls You should start looking for an Eagle Owl!

    • Still no hooting in the woods. We have a noisy bunch of frogs that come awake at night, and our little raccoon and deer friends scurrying about but no owls that we’ve heard.

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