The rhubarb explosion

I love the fact that rhubarb grows so fast and I love the fact that it is the first plant to really flourish in the garden. Spring is quite definitely not here until the freaky, red, bulbous rhubarb tips are poking out of the ground. 

This year, I decided to photograph the rapid rise of the rhubarb. These four pictures are taken over roughly 3 weeks (from April 17 to May 13). The last two were taken 5 days apart — a heavy rainstorm between them caused the explosion of green. 

We ate our first rhubarb of the season today — a strawberry rhubarb crumble. Sweet and delish. Even Milo finished his bowl. I think the strawberries fooled him.

ImageApril 17 and the first shoots appear

ImageApril 28, 2013 (in the background, the chives are coming on strong)

ImageMay 8

ImageMay 13 (today) shortly before I cut the biggest stems for dessert






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